Kamis, 20 Maret 2014


The Red Tour by Taylor Swift.
of course you know Taylor Swift, right?
for the first time in Indonesia, The Red Tour will be held on June
believe me i'll die for it. i love her, but i can't make it-_-
i have to work and moreover, the concert is a lil bit too expensive.. for me..
and no longer, i am going to college.
this is sucks.
i've been crying like a hundred times, begging to my dad that i wanna be there
and overall he refused it.
life goes on, i know i'll get over it somehow. i hope :'(

1 Dress 4 Styles!

Hi guys! this time i wanna show some mix and match.
1 basic dress with a lot of styles? why not?! i'll help you to match it right and fun ;)

1. put a shirt on your waist! really chic and extraordinary ;)

2. if a shirt on your waist feel annoying (haha) then wear it! put on a beanie if you want to be 'rock' or just for accessories

3. tie the shirt and voila! stunning, huh? ;D

4. okay here we go for the last! put on a sweater aaaaaaand gorgeous!

alright that's it from me.
don't forget to smile people!
be different, 'cause different is beautiful.

Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

Social Networking!

Hi guys! Long time no see, right? :D

well, actually i just wanna share my accounts, in social media by the way ;)

okay this will not take a long time to read i thought. haha!

Twitter: @tania_silvi
Facebook: Tania Silvi
Tumblr: Thisistansil.tumblr.com
Keek: taniasilvi
Instagram: taniasilvi
weheartit: taniasilvis
Path: taniasilvi
ask.fm: Taniasilvi
other blog: taniasilvis.blogspot.com

okay, that's all. i guess ._. lol
alright, see ya at my personal accounts! XXO.

The one and only one, Tansil:P

Selasa, 08 Oktober 2013

Korean Style. Maybe.

korean pose? haha just sayin'

black and white :3

you know i think my pose is still too.. hmm what can i say-_- too old and ordinary i think.

maybe next time i will be more.. hmm.. like crazy pose or something like that.. 'cause i really don't know what to do._.
you have to know that i'm a shy person by the way. haha
okay, i think that's enough for my korean-style-maybe :D !
i will do waaaaayyy more than this :D just stay tune okay!


The one and only one, Tansil:P

Meet The Owner!

Hi Guys! :)
Such a long time no see!
Okay i will share my very first photo of me, The owner :)


okay that's me ><
the other photos are on the way, by the way :D

alright, that's it. and wanna know more 'bout me? just follow my twitter or maybe instagram or maybe tumblr-_-. Okay?


The one and only one: Tansil:P

Rabu, 04 September 2013

First Post!!

Hi everyone! How's life? i hope good!
'Cause what? this is my first post! yeay :3

okay, i'm not gonna say anything too much but i swear i will post "Meet The Owner" as soon as possible :)

this is my first hit to be a fashion blogger. So i hope you guys will be okay if i've say anything wrong.

Alright, that's it.

See you guys soon on the next post ;3